New User with many problems.

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New User with many problems.

Unread postby HELI4686CON » 27.02.2018 22:29

1. I've downloaded and installed the software and the 3D viewer. When I work in Lightroom and try to Edit in .... Helicon Focus OR try to Export to Helicon Focus, the Helicon software does not show up in those action drop down menus like NIK plug-ins do or Mac's own Preview application. Therefore I cannot access the software directly from Lightroom but have to export the image to the desktop and then open Helicon and drag the images there. That is not convenient. Can I not go directly from Lightroom into Helicon ?

2. When I did drag images into Helicon, as above, and tried to save them Helicon did not put the finished image back into Lightroom as many videos seem to say it will do. I had to save it to the desktop and then import the image into Lightroom. Again, not convenient. How to get it into Lightroom ?

3. There are three "saving parameters". I have read postings saying which parameter is better for various situations. Is there a "default" or a normal/average parameter to use in "normal" situations ? One of the options is "depth map pro" but that is only available in the Pro version which I did not buy ?????

4. I installed the 3D viewer but exactly what is that for ? I look at the finished stacked image in Lightroom. When would I need the 3D viewer ?

5. I understand "smoothing" and "radius" in other photo software programs but just how is it supposed to be used in Helicon Focus ?

6. Saving the finished product results in a huge .tiff file, in my test case, 201 MB. Is it possible,and how, to save in a smaller file size ?

If you can help me with these issues I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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Re: New User with many problems.

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 01.03.2018 17:23

1. The Lightroom plugin doesn't work in Helicon Focus 6.7.2 on Mac. Please install preview of the upcoming Helicon Focus 7.0:

Then run Helicon Focus, go to Preferences -> Integration, press "Uninstall" and then "Install" to update the plugin. That will solve the problem. On top of that, you'll get rendering speed boost from using Focus 7. Please excuse the invisible icons on the tool bar, we're working on that.

2. Will be solved together with 1.

3. I think what you want is File -> Save As (Cmd + S).

4. You don't need the 3D viewer. If you're wondering what it does, do "File -> Export -> Export 3D Model" after rendering a stack.

5. Please see

6. You were probably saving uncompressed TIFF. Instead, select "TIFF with LZW compression" as the file format in the save dialog.
If it's already compressed, then that's it, no further size reduction is possible for the TIFF files.

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Re: New User with many problems.

Unread postby HELI4686CON » 07.03.2018 02:52

Thank You.

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