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FB Tube IR signal transfer

Posted: 15.02.2018 13:26
by mrose
A quick question Stas, when we transfer data to the FB tube there are 12 sets of transfers. Is it really necessary to ensure all 12 transfers are received or is there some repetition in the transmission maybe for a safety margin. Is just one set enough?
Many thanks.

Re: FB Tube IR signal transfer

Posted: 16.02.2018 10:53
by Stas Yatsenko
Right, there's no need to wait for all of the transfers to go through. Just a couple of green flashes will be enough. We're repeating transfers in case if some fail to go through and for the user to have more time to align the transmitter and the receiver.

Re: FB Tube IR signal transfer

Posted: 16.03.2018 18:41
by Sterling
When do you do the IR signal transfer?

Even though the IR is touching the tube & the volume is at max, I am unable to get the green light to light up.