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Problem with Stackprocessing

Posted: 05.01.2018 16:17
by Jim Fandango
I have complete reproducible problems with stackprocessing.

I have a 32 GB Windows 10 machine with an extra SSD for TEMP storage ( where Helicon Cache is also located ) with ~200GB free disk space.
My initial folder contains 200 - 300 files which will be broken down to 4 - 6 stacks ( 50 images each)
Each image is a 43 MB ARW ( Sony RAW )

If I run Helicon for the first time (i.e. first batch stacking run) everything is fine.
If I try to rerun the same setup it fails most likely after the first or second stack - which an "image is not loadable" error ( red crossed output pic)

In my opinion either there is some kind of memory leak in this scenario or some wrong parameters are checked for available resources.

NB: In my system there is only on logical drive "C:" all other disks are mounted in different NTFS folders for performance and or space reasons.
So it makes a huge (!!) difference if you check diskspace for "C:" physically there is almost no space - it is intended for OS only.
C:\TEMP ( where $TEMP is pointing to ( and where the Helicon Cache is configered to ) is a different SSD
as well as the source drive "Pictures" folder which is on a different physical drive on the same logical path.

Re: Problem with Stackprocessing

Posted: 08.01.2018 12:21
by Stas Yatsenko
Could you double-check right after receiving this error that there's space left on the TEMP SSD drive? It's unlikely that we can run out of 200 GB quickly, but it's not impossible when processing deep stacks of large files.

If you hover the crossed output item with a mouse, is there any additional info in the tooltip?