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No 3D video

Posted: 02.01.2018 01:56
by NIascone
I used to be able to generate 3D videos effortlessly with Helicon Focus on my Mac. I haven't used Helicon Focus in a while and now can't seem to get a 3D video to come up let alone save it. I can render a quality stacked focused still image as before, but after that, no 3D video. My current Focus is 6.7.2 on an iMac running macOS Sierra. I'm guessing there's a setting/configuration change needed. Help.

Re: No 3D video

Posted: 02.01.2018 20:55
by Stas Yatsenko
I assume you mean the 3D Viewer application. We're aware of the problem with it and will fix it in the next update. Meanwhile, please use this version of the program: