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Filetype RAW

Posted: 12.12.2017 23:04
by optoel

would like to use this software for stacking images acquired from industrial machine vision camera from MatrixVision. It can save images in ".raw" file format but I cannot open it in Helicon.

Camera supported pixel formats are in attachement and also can be find on manufacturer page -

Also acquired test image in .raw format here on OneDrive -!AtpLmjnP7oB1zCQtffuhALkeswZ_

Ayn oppionion what might be the problem?

Thank you

Re: Filetype RAW

Posted: 14.12.2017 16:36
by Stas Yatsenko
The problem is that this format is unknown to the raw converters (for example, to the Adobe DNG Converter). We don't have a solution to this problem. Perhaps, you could ask Adobe to support it. Or ask MatrixVision to ask Adobe to support it.
I think the reason it's not supported is that industrial cameras are simply outside the scope of mainstream/consumer photography market.