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Making 3D Anaglyph Movies

Posted: 04.12.2017 19:05
by pmcmil01

I am trying to make 3D Anaglyph movies by stitching together individual Anaglyphs that I have made using the 3D viewer at different timepoints.

However, when I open a 3d model in the 3D viewer it starts spinning uncontrollably, making it impossible to save consecutive images from the same viewpoint. Is there any way to open stacks without my model rotating?


Re: Making 3D Anaglyph Movies

Posted: 05.12.2017 16:20
by Stas Yatsenko
It should be doable, if a bit inconvenient, through the manual model control buttons. However, the position reset button currently resets to the last user-selected position instead of some predefined "origin" position, so what you need seems to be unachievable. We're looking into it.

Re: Making 3D Anaglyph Movies

Posted: 06.12.2017 00:36
by pmcmil01
Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I've tried aligning things manually, but unfortunately even minor variations lead to substantial jiggling in the resulting movie. If we could just turn off the rotation, that would be fantastic.