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Nikon D850 Nef files not accepted ?

Posted: 19.09.2017 18:04
by pfgbel47
I know the new camera is only starting but I had the chance to get mine on September 7th and I am impatient to use its outputs but its new Nef files seem not to be recognized in Helicon Focus. Is there a chance to get the updated version of H-Focus in the next coming weeks ?
Strange is that H-Filter can read the D850 Nef's but in a limited size giving a 6,5 Mb when saved in Tiff although the Nef alone reaches already 90 Mb...
Thks a lot for your kind reply,

Re: Nikon D850 Nef files not accepted ?

Posted: 20.09.2017 09:41
by Stas Yatsenko
You need to install new Adobe DNG Converter:
and setup the path to DNG Converter in Helicon Focus menu "Edit / Preferences... / Integration". In the RAW development settings under Source image list select RAW-in-DNG-out loader codec.

Re: Nikon D850 Nef files not accepted ?

Posted: 20.09.2017 22:07
by pfgbel47
Thanks a lot Stas, by following your advices it now works perfectly !!

Re: Nikon D850 Nef files not accepted ?

Posted: 11.05.2018 03:07
by NotASpeckOfCereal
OR better yet, for those tripping on this later.

My new Helicon install was pointing to an old DNG converter at this path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe DNG Converter.exe

You can update the converter at that path, but Adobe may not keep it up to date, if instead it is already updating the converter at another location. This can easily be the case if you have any other legacy Adobe products installed. So it will be updated if you follow Helicon recommendations (as of this writing), but it will get stale as soon as Adobe updates the other, newer location again.

If you want to follow my alternate recommendations, here are the steps:
  1. Search your boot drive (or whatever drive you install your adobe apps on) for this file: "Adobe DNG Converter.exe"
  2. If you have only the one mentioned in the path that Helicon points to, stop reading this and use Helicon's upgrade instructions (linked to above in Stas Yatsenko's post).
  3. If you have more than one, check the dates and select the one that is most recent (which is likely the one that Adobe updates). For me, it was at this path:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe DNG Converter\Adobe DNG Converter.exe
  4. Go to Helicon's Edit \ Preferences \ Integration \ DNG Converter and specify the path identified in the last step.
If you found this newer version of the DNG Converter, especially if you keep your Adobe apps up to date with the Adobe Creative Cloud updater, then it is probably already fresh and does not need updating. But even if it does require updating, this is the path that you want to be pointing to IF you want Helicon to always be using the latest and greatest Adobe DNG converter (you will not have to manually update the converter again).


Re: Nikon D850 Nef files not accepted ?

Posted: 11.05.2018 10:02
by pfgbel47
Thanks a lot Chris !
I'm going to verify this right now and let you know what the result was.
I want you to know I do appreciate your input !