Project won't load

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Project won't load

Unread post by TLH555 » 11.09.2017 03:08

Project won't load. I exported files from Lightroom directly into helicon focus. I saved the proejct and also saved the completed file as a Tiff. I wanted to continue retouching the image so opened Helicon focus directly (not thru lightroom) and attempted to reopen the project. The project is listed in "Load project" menu but won't load. I just get a confusing error message/symbol (attached is JPEG file). I have read thru the forum and found others that seemed to have similar problem but didn't see a solution here. I would like to save and reload project in helicon focus that i initiate by exporting files from within lightroom.
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Re: Project won't load

Unread post by Stas Yatsenko » 11.09.2017 12:34

The message without text is, of course, a mistake that will be fixed in the upcoming update, but the main problem is what you're doing will not work. LR creates temporary files during export; these files are cleaned when export finishes (after you close Helicon Focus). So your project refers to these files that no longer exist.

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