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Posted: 12.05.2017 00:56
by jk1484
I am using version 6.7.1 Pro and also new to Helicon Focus. I use Lightroom and would like to save the rendered file back to Lightroom as a DNG file. However, when I select the stacked files in Lightroom and export them to Helicon I do not get the "RAW Development settings..." button below the source images. Then, when I try to save the rendered file as a DNG I get a message saying that I need to select "RAW-in-DNG-out" under RAW Development setting.... If I leave Lightroom open, waiting for the rendered file to be sent back by Helicon, and then delete the source images and manually reopen the source files Helicon I get the "RAW Development setting..." button. I can then select RAW-in-DNG-out, save the rendered file in DNG and the resulting saved DNG file is sent to Lightroom.

Is this how this process is supposed to work? Why don't I see the RAW Development settings... button when the files are exported from Lightroom?

Thanks for your help.

Re: Raw-in-DNG-Out

Posted: 12.05.2017 13:49
by Stas Yatsenko
You should set Lightroom to export files in DNG format, here is screenshot:

Re: Raw-in-DNG-Out

Posted: 12.05.2017 17:18
by jk1484
Ok. Thank you very much.