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Installing Helicon Focus

Posted: 04.10.2016 22:11
by See-squared
Just purchased the Software and it will not get open. Am getting a Window that says " procedure Entry Point_std_terminate" could not be found" and my Norton Security Software blocked " killwindow.exe" which was included in the exe. file. Looked up killwindow and it's a aparently a virus. So the question is how do I get H. Focus to download properly and running as advertised. Sent an email to H.S. Support and got a return message from them which was a copy of my message to them. Is there a Phone Number where they can be contacted ? Would appreciate any help that could be provided.

Re: Installing Helicon Focus

Posted: 05.10.2016 10:31
by Stas Yatsenko
We found that some antivirus software falsely detects our KillWindow.exe tool as suspicious and blocks it. There's no malware code in this tool. We are looking into ways to avoid this false detection. Meanwhile, you can safely ignore the problem. This tool is only required during installation and nothing bad will happen even if the antivirus blocks or deletes it entirely: ... 475655105/

Re: Installing Helicon Focus

Posted: 18.10.2017 09:52
by pierremarie
Bitdefender 2017 messages just after installing a trial version of Helicon Focus :

Bitdefender trashes the application et ask for system rebooting

Anyway to do something around ? I like Helicon Focus but I need my antivirus...

Best Pierre-Marie

Re: Installing Helicon Focus

Posted: 19.10.2017 12:04
by Stas Yatsenko