Nikon D40 Compatible?

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peter alonso
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Nikon D40 Compatible?

Unread post by peter alonso » 18.07.2012 20:29

I’m very interested in your products but I would like to know which cameras work with Helicon Focus or Helicon Remote. I currently own a Nikon d40 (not too happy with it) and I am in the market for a new camera that won’t break my budget. What features should I be looking for? What cameras are most compatible with your software? Thx

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Nikon D40 Compatible?

Unread post by Stas Yatsenko » 20.07.2012 21:03

Personally, I prefer Canon line because of better Live View image (1024 px wide instead of 480px for Nikon) and support for Mirror Lock Up feature. Though I am not sure all Canons support MLU. Some Nikons have Exposure Delay Mode which is roughly the same. So pay attention to this feature if it is important for you. As you have Nikon, D90 and D7000 might be logical choice for you. We test Helicon Remote with D90 regulary and there is no compatibility issues.

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