huge difference between Windows and Mac versions

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huge difference between Windows and Mac versions

Unread post by JoJu » 06.09.2011 20:03

I was just checking if there's an update for Nikon D5100. There is - but only for Windows users. :(

Worse, the release numbers of the Mac versions are pretty low against the Windows version and worst: It appears that Helicon doesn't continue improving the Mac versions since more than 10 months.

For my part, I'll pull back my recommendations for his software package in Mac Forums. For that price I've expected better update frequencies.

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Re: huge difference between Windows and Mac versions

Unread post by Stas Yatsenko » 08.09.2011 10:37

We prepared new version of Helicon Remote. It has minimal interface changes but internally it contains major architectural updates. Previous version accessed cameras via Canon and Nikon libraries, now the program works directly with the camera through USB interface. This should give much better stability, support for newer cameras and better performance.

I would appreciate if you test this new version and give us feedback about your experience. In case of crashes and misbehavior please send us bug report (menu\Help\Report a bug). This would help us to locate and fix the bug.

Windows version: ... 5_beta.exe

Mac version: ... e2.3.1.dmg

As to Helicon Focus, windows version is updated more often because installation contains both Helicon Focus and Helicon Remote. Mac version has independent installations so Helicon Focus is updated quite rarely. Right now we are preparing new Mac release, it contains many changes and this requires more time for testing.

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