AutoNaming when saving, AutoSaving

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AutoNaming when saving, AutoSaving

Unread post by OLH » 25.06.2011 20:57

Feature Request :

I have a program that can load the picture in helicon after automaticly shooting them and i would like the rendering to be fully automated,
but in the mac version as there is no commande line I would like :

- an option to autorender the stack if there is no new file loaded after X second (parameter in second) ( I don't know for sure the number of pic for each stack but I know that between the picture being loaded there is less than a few second usually !!)
- then an option ( checkbox and directory destination) to be able to autosave stack result after rendering with a default name the would be composed of the name of the first file in stack plus the parametre (as the default actual naming), plus a numbering if the file allready exists
- then optional empty the stack after autorender

hence i can begin a new rendering cycle!

Would that be cool ?
Could be usefull to many people
if you set the autorender parameter to 1s , it' would automaticly process a whole set of pic that you drop on the helicon picture !
if you have a shooting program that shoot a pic every 10s you could set the autorender after 11s to process a new stack !!
then the result picture would be saved
then eventually the stack would be cleaned
and i could just drop another batch of files on the icon or relaunch a new shooting sequence from my program !

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Re: AutoNaming when saving, AutoSaving

Unread post by Stas Yatsenko » 27.06.2011 12:20

Thanks for this idea. Usually we implement new features in windows version and when the functionality is stable we port it to mac platform, sorry :)


Re: AutoNaming when saving, AutoSaving

Unread post by OLH » 28.06.2011 10:46

Yep but this could could be cool on mac as there is no command line/batch mode !!
please! :wink:

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