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3D - length/width ratio altered with large images

Posted: 02.09.2009 11:45
by Traceologue
First of all , I want to congratulate the designers of Helicon Focus which is a fantastic improvement for my field of research (use-wear analysis of prehistoric tools; traceology – where we have to deal with micro-relief exceeding the depth of field of most microscope objectives.

I am now more often using the 3D function of the Pro Multiprocessor version (4.80.3 X64 release) and I have a small problem that I didn’t noticed earlier: whatever the mode (A or B), when the compilation is made with full format images (6 or 10 MP jpeg converted from nef by Nikon Capture NX), the proportion is altered (length reduced / width). I can get normal proportion only with small images (no more than 1800 pixels length), but the resolution is lower than with full format images. Is this due to the included exif data of the jpeg files, to a missing adjustment from my part or to a bug of the current version of the software?

Thanks for help ! : )

Joined examples: detail of usewear on a quartzite flake used to scrape wood, from sample ... index.html