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Navigating files

Post by paddler » 08.09.2008 03:07


I notice that when I have a lot of files in the file list on the right hand side of Helicon Focus window I cannot navigate through the list using the window slider bar as in most programs. I can't click and hold the slider to drag it or click in the slider bar to get it to advance one window full of files at a time. The slider itself will move but the files do not move. The only way I can scroll through the files (thumbnails) is to put the cursor over the thumbnails and use the scroll wheel on my mouse.

Is this a known bug in 4.5?

I'm on a PC running Windows XP.

I notice that 4.5 is very much faster than my previous version.

Also, I was just going through an image I produced with 4.5 and I notice that the resulting photoshop psd file that is produced is created with a bit depth of 8-bits and an image size that is one-half that created by the ACR that is with my Photoshop CS3.

Why is that and is there any way to adjust the bit depth and size of the output image? It seems odd since you are starting with images that are (in Canon .CR2 from an xti) output in RAW at 3888x2592 pixels.


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