3D file format support & combining.

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3D file format support & combining.

Post by KeithSloan » 29.01.2019 11:50


I saw Heliconsoft demoed at a recent Winchester Photographic Society workshop.

1) I noticed during the demo that there was an option to export a number of stacked images as 3D file.
What 3D file formats are supported? as I could not find the info on a brief check of the website.

2) Is the following possible at all?

I would like to take a series of photo's of a static object, say a vegetable and focus stack.
I would then like to use a Pluto Trigger and its dropper to capture a water droplet hitting the object.
I would plan to use the flash mode i.e. the Pluto activate the dripper and fire the flash at a set interval
after releasing the drip. I would plan to set up at least two cameras that are on bulb setting. I would then like to combine
the images of the water drops with the stacked photo's of the object to make a 3D file. Is this possible?


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Re: 3D file format support & combining.

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 04.02.2019 16:13

No, Helicon Focus cannot be used for such purpose. Search for a technology called photometry, you will probably find some suitable software.

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