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Happy to be back.

Posted: 17.10.2018 06:41
by nimitz-benedicto99
Hi Stas, How are you? and all our Helicon Filter friends and supporters.
I thought I lost Helicon Filter. My desk top got virus and wiped out all
my passwords, serial #, files, everything. After that wipe out,I moved to
my celfon for pictures. No more desk top. But I stillhad old Helicon Filter on
my laptop.Although I am now 73y/o, I somehow remember your great Helicon Filter.
Luckily, while going over my old gmail. I found you again.
I will install Helicon Filter again. Please tell me how to get the download.
I tried the downloads online but when I open it , it says "trial period over....."
My registration key can not paste into the registrationbox. Thanks

Thanks Stas.
Nimitz Benedicto

Re: Happy to be back.

Posted: 17.10.2018 11:06
by Stas Yatsenko
Hello Nimitz,

Please contact us via