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Home vs Pro Edition

Unread postby Vigilanti » 14.09.2007 10:29

Is it my understanding that the only difference between the Home Version the Pro version is that the Home version is a Stand alone product (not a plugin for Photoshop) without multi-processor support? Is there a comparison chart showing the differences between the Free, Home and Pro versions anywhere on this site? I'm trying to decide which version I should Purchase (I don't mind using the stand alone vs a plugin, and I'm running a P4 3.2G with HT but I don't think it's the same as a Multiprocessor such as the Core 2 Duo processor). A comparison chart would be extremely useful as well as a more detailed explaination about the software ceasing the function when the one year license expires. I honestly wouldn't have caught that fact if I hadn't visited the forum. Most software doesn't stop functioning after the one year license. In fact I can't think of a single program I've purchased that stopped functioning after one year. True, I'm not entitled to any version upgrades or support after my license expires but I don't lose any functionality in the version I paid for. I'm not complaining, it's your software and you can distribute it as you see fit, I just wish it was better explained during the purchase process.

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versions , licenses

Unread postby lutz » 14.09.2007 21:42

Hi Vigilanti,

Helicon Filter Pro:
The only differences to the Home version are the addtion of a plug-in version ( to be used in photoshop, paint shop pro, photoline, Xnview, etc..) and a speed increase on most newer PCs thanks to multi-threading (multiprozessor support; I do not believe your P4 qualifies). Everything else is exactly the same.

Regarding the licenses Helicon just gives you more choices than usual:
- a license limited to one year of usage (a cheap very extended trial perhaps?)
- a standard license ( no time limit and including upgrades of the current major version)
- and an unlimited license, including all future upgrades with major version changes; it can be run on 4 PCs AFAIK; very generous.

Unusual choices but otherwise straightforward. :D

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