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Helicon Filter Information?

Unread postby StevenD » 03.08.2007 20:40

Does Helicon Filter (HF) have anything similar to PhotoShop's Status Bar?

Am especially interested in the information concerning 1. document dimensions, 2. amt RAM being used and how much is available to process images, 3. is HF using RAM or Hard Drive in performing an operation, 4. time took to complete last operation.



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Unread postby lutz » 03.08.2007 22:37

Not that I am aware of.
HF shows filesize, type, bit depths, megapixel size on the top as well as in some tabs in the status bar. There it also displays EXIF data by default.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 07.08.2007 13:41

Yes, we show information about the document but no information about the OS status like RAM usage. Do you think it is relevant?

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