Tutorials, Optimizing Windows for Helicon Filter?

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Tutorials, Optimizing Windows for Helicon Filter?

Unread postby KenO » 20.07.2007 20:18

Since am new to Helicon Filter, I have been reading all the tutorials and think they are excellent!

One Tutorial I did not find was how to setup the Standard Windows install for Helicon Filter.

Did some searching using "optimize windows" but did not find anything.



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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 23.07.2007 15:23


You mean how to fine tune Windows settings or how to install Helicon Filter? Installation procedure seems to be very straightforward to me.

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Unread postby KenO » 24.07.2007 23:09

Since I am new to Helicon Filter have been trying to read all the tutorials and reviews can find.

Read "It takes quite a while for the application to generate thumbnails when opening a image folder for the first time." in the review mentioned by lutz http://www.photozone.de/7Digital/heliconindex.htm so was interested to learn if could speed this up by tweaking Windows.

There are a number of tips for doing this for Video Editing. For example TWEAKS for WinXP for Video Editing (v 1.0) (David LaBorde - 2001)
Contents Page from http://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Tips/TWE ... -1-0-.html

1. General Overview of Windows XP
2. Test System & TWEAK Methodology
3. TWEAKS ( 21 items)
4. Quirks & Observations while testing
5. TWEAKS that didn't Work
6. Helpful Hints
7. Restoring Registry Settings

I do not know how helpful these tweaks will be for Helicon Filter but I think it is worth a try!


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Unread postby Ariel » 26.07.2007 08:43

Don't worry about the review. It is all pretty fast.

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