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Windows font size

Unread postby ehume » 14.05.2016 04:06

I am using the Helicon Filter test drive before buy. I have run into an issue with Windows font size. I usually operate with font size set to Personalize > Display > Medium - 125%. This is so that I can read text more easily.

In Helicon Filter I notice that in Presets the text after Auto Brightness is hidden after the images are dispalyed. I tried setting the Windows fonts to 100% and I was able to read the whole text, but this is an inconvenient work-around, because in order to use Helicon Filter in this way, I would have to change the font size, log off Windows and log on again to use Helicon Filter, and repeat the process when I was done. Obviously I would not pay for such an inconvenience.

Please remake Helicon Filter so that it can accommodate a variety of of sizes. We senior citizens often require a large font for usability.

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Windows font size

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 16.05.2016 13:54

Thanks for your feedback. Please send us screenshot of your Presets.

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Re: Windows font size

Unread postby Clipping path » 14.10.2017 19:00

Stas Yatsenko wrote:Thanks for your feedback. Please send us screenshot of your Presets.

I think presets are still incoming. The net must be very slow in those area lol. :p

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