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Error saving Preset?

Posted: 14.06.2015 01:00
by Bron
When I try to save a custom preset, I get a weird error as if I am trying to save a DNG file, it tells me to got to the RAW settings tab and enable RAW-in-DNG-out in order to save.

So in expert mode, I use "Save Preset" and I get this error. Is this a bug? Any work around? I can save the preloaded presets OK with new values, but cannot save a custom preset with a new name.


Re: Error saving Preset?

Posted: 15.06.2015 11:42
by Stas Yatsenko
What OS version and Helicon Filter version do you have?
Please contact us via and we will send you new beta version.

Re: Error saving Preset?

Posted: 20.06.2015 22:26
by Bron
Hi, it's on a Toshiba U845-S410 laptop running windows 7 Home Premium and Helicon Filter Pro v5.5.1 rel 24 (Dec 2014) (purchased an unlimited license). When I get some time, I will contact support as suggested. Thanks.

I really like the product, by the way. So much so, that I cancelled my order for a more expensive product that does much the same thing. Very quick and easy to use, logically laid out, etc. If I can get the ability to save my own custom presets for batch mode, I'll be very satisfied.

(Hmmm...just noticed that in "About" it says HF Stereo not Pro? Pretty sure I purchased a Pro license.)