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Setting White balance under LED lighting

Posted: 20.01.2015 23:52
by Anthony
Is there a means of setting the white balance in Helicon Filter using an index photo of a white-card? It is routine for me is to shoot stacks of images under a variety of LED sources, and I always shoot one reference white-card shot for every stack of images. I then run the RAW files through Olympus Master, including the white-card shot, and use the white-card to set the white balance for all the other shots in that stack. The drawback with using Olympus Master is that it converts the RAW to 8 bit tiff. I am interested in Helicon Filter's ability to work with 16bit tiff, and I would like to know if there is a convenient and similar way to have it adjust the white balance of the 16bit non-color-corrected output from Helicon Focus by using the white-card image I made for that image stack.

Re: Setting White balance under LED lighting

Posted: 22.01.2015 12:38
by Stas Yatsenko
Yes, you can open white sample card, go to Colors tab,correct colors using White Balance button or RGB sliders. Then save settings a a preset with a given name (e.g "Cold LED light").

Then you can apply this preset to all images shot in the same conditions and the WB will be adjusted accordingly.

Re: Setting White balance under LED lighting

Posted: 22.01.2015 19:34
by Anthony
Stas, Thank you. I like your suggestion and will try that today. I had stumbled onto a different method, which is to use the "enque" function on a folder containing only the white reference photo and the Helicon Focus rendered photo.