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A month with Lightroom

Posted: 14.12.2014 18:38
by theiC
I've just spent a month trying Lightroom for free. I did this, because I wanted to use Athentech's Perfectly Clear plug-in, and google Nik collection too.

Now, I discovered that Athentech have a stand-alone programme available as a free Beta, and it seems to be pretty good. So, that leaves me only one reason to try Lightroom.

At present, Adobe are moving away from allowing users to buy a copy of the programme, and forcing them to subscribe to 'Creative Cloud'. Of course, because Lightroom has a lot of indexing functions, and doesn't automatically store a copy of a finished image, this is a one-way ticket to endless spending, and a commitment which could be very difficult to get out of. I don't like it when companies do that sort of thing.

Nor, I found, do I like Lightroom. Some functions, like the way one selects a crop, not by moving the crop area, but by moving the image behind the frame, are plain stupid.

So, I'm gladly back with Helicon Filter. I've got Perfectly Clear, and I'll manage without google Nik (I only wanted Silver Efex anyway, and again, I don't like being railroaded into buying a bundle of programmes just for the one I want).

But, there are two Lightroom functions that I'll miss:

First, the lens vignette slider. Yes, Helicon has a slider to get rid of lens vignetting, but could we have another one to add it, please?

Secondly, the Clarity slider had its uses. Again, is this something which cold be incorporated into HF?

Thanks, Stas, in advance, for your thoughts and perhaps your reply.

Re: A month with Lightroom

Posted: 17.12.2014 13:11
by Stas Yatsenko
Many thanks for your comments! Yes, we are now are thinking about updating functionality of Helicon Filters and your ideas are very welcome! I would appreciate if you contact us at to continue this discussion.

Re: A month with Lightroom

Posted: 20.12.2014 20:58
by jpmccormac
Good suggestions. I'd also like to be able to shell out to folders using Windows Explorer from within Helicon Filter, that is click on a folder and then right click to open the folder in Windows Explorer. I've mentioned this in the past :D. Thank you, Stas, for all the good work.

Re: A month with Lightroom

Posted: 23.12.2014 12:40
by Stas Yatsenko