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Posted: 05.09.2014 19:01
by Richard7903
As a new user to this programme I am a little confused to the "scale" that I can add to the rendered image. Does the scale showing a ruler type image actually mean anything i.e. millimetres or ????

Re: Scale

Posted: 10.09.2014 11:52
by Stas Yatsenko
Normally you should add a scale and then add a text. It could be 1 cm, or 5 mm or 2 nm. The program has no information about real life size so it is up to you to calibrate the scale based on test images.

Re: Scale

Posted: 10.09.2014 12:00
by Richard7903
Thank you Stas, got it sorted now.
BTW, its a great program which I intend to purchase within the next week or two