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Plastic skin

Unread postby carllind » 15.01.2007 01:01

Everything goes well for me until I start playing too much with the retouching tab.
I would appreciate some tips or hints from experienced users.
It seems when I retouch skin I get carried away or I don't know how to line up my settings.
If I use Scratches,Clone,Brightness,Color Reduce Noise. I constantly overdo it and the skin does appear unreal and plastic. :)
I wonder if anyone can post some settings they use to get good results,it would be much appreciated.


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 16.01.2007 18:41


You can try to use "Erase changes" brush with intensity of 20-30% to partially return the original texture to the skin.

You can also try to use equalizer on the Noise reduction Tab to decrease noise reduction for skin tones.



Unread postby carllind » 17.01.2007 06:07

Thanks for the tip Dan

I use the equalizer for the noise tab.....
I never thought of erase changes at a lower value!
Erasing at a lower value-almost like adjusting a mask layer.
I will try that one

Thanks again.


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