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Customizing workflow

Unread postby CarlL » 28.12.2006 18:48

Man! I like this program.
It is so much more intuitive for me that Paint shop or Photo shop...

Is it possible to rearrange tabs for workflow?
I prefer noise,brightness, color,retouching, sharpening, then optional aberration and distortion, then resize and finally optional frames.
There are so many save and load options...maybe I missed something.
Can this be done?

If I am not retouching multiple photos, is it wise to default everything except noise and save as "cleanslate" or something, Then, when loading a single photo, just load "cleanslate" settings. This way, on a dual view, the right will look the same as the original in the left. Helicon remembers things so well, I forget it still has settings from previous retouching. That freaks me out sometimes and I think something is terribly wrong :)
thanks for great program

p.s. I'm really having trouble with the red-eye setting in retouching. I find it very difficult to get set correctly

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Unread postby Ariel » 29.12.2006 06:10

Hi Carl.
I don't think that you can rearrange tabs, but you can access them in any order you want. Except you have to do retouching after you resize/frame because the program can't figure out correctly where the retouching should occur when reprocessing the image if you resize it second.

I don't want helicon to apply the same edits to every image. (And yeah, that freaked me out to in the beginning. I was like, What the heck happened to my picture!!!?, LOL.) Anyhow, if you don't want that to happen, open the preferences and check the "Reset settings for new image" box.

To correct red eye, make the brush a little bigger than the red in the eye and click.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 30.12.2006 20:59

We are now thinking about new major version and we plan to add the possiblility to customize workflow by rearranging the tabs.

Ariel is right, you can switch between tabs back and forth. But when you click on Save tab, the filters will be applied in the sequense you see on the screen.

Red-eyes: please send me a couple of your samples to I will try to fine tune the brush.


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