Do HF users miss PS layers?

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John Lai
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Do HF users miss PS layers?

Unread postby John Lai » 15.12.2006 22:25

On every photo forum, I hear Photoshop users talk about layers. HC does not have that. Do HF users miss PS layers?
What's the equivalent of layers in HF?


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Unread postby Ariel » 17.12.2006 07:00

If I'm not mistaken, layers are individual elements within a picture (i.e., text, object, subject added from another picture).

I used to use Picture it! (mostly for graphic making, not photo editing), which also had these layers, though they weren't called that.

So, layers don't help touch up a picture and aren't useful/helpful for simple optimization, and I don't miss them for photo enhancements. Though I wish what I could do (with "layers") in Helicon Filter is add subjects from one picture and paste them into another, add text wherever I want, make graphics, and such, but Filter can't do that yet. (Nor can it currently select objects of irregular shapes to crop/copy them or edit within those boundaries which would be necessary if/when layers are added to Filter.)

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Unread postby Ariel » 18.12.2006 07:42

By the way, even with this current version of Helicon Filter, it is possible to replace backgrounds (in effect taking a subject from one picture to another) by using the Replace sky/background brush. So when I said I wish I could add subjects from one picture to another, I guess I should have said "with ease".

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layers -

Unread postby lutz » 18.12.2006 21:11

hello John,

I wrote something about comparing traditional "layered" image editors and Helicon Filter as a response in this post:

If you want to do prepare illustrations , collages, or generate new "realities" and also for some advanced ( and time consuming) image enhancement operations you will need a layer-based editor. HF however can be faster ( and often better; thanks to it internal 16-bit processing) on the majority of image enhancement tasks.

If you want to get your feet wet with layers, I would suggest you to start out with the free 3.0. It works amazingly well, the tool layout is pretty straightforward and offers all the essential tools without "drowning" beginners in options.

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