What is multiprocessor support?

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John Lai
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What is multiprocessor support?

Unread postby John Lai » 10.12.2006 23:48

Can anyone pls explain what is multiprocessor support? Is it available on a personal computer?


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Unread postby Ariel » 11.12.2006 08:31

Sometimes people add an extra CPU to their computer. If you have more than one CPU in your computer (which I doubt), MP support will make the program run faster.

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dual core?

Unread postby lutz » 11.12.2006 09:25

Making use of the two processor cores in Intel dual core or the new "core duo" prozessors or the AMD X2 processors by letting them run in parallel? (for example calculating different parts of the same image at the same time might be very advanced; perhaps splitting of background program housekeeping tasks and image manipulating tasks between cores? ). Quadruple core processors should be available by christmas next year and the traditional single core cpu might most likely gone by then.
At the moment most image editors are still not capable of this kind of multitasking.
Danilo, how "smart" is Helicon Filter in making use of multiple processor cores?


Unread postby Guest » 11.12.2006 13:22



Core 2 Duo

Unread postby Guest » 18.12.2006 12:08

Just upgraded my PC, so to take advantage of the speed, I should choose the the multi processor one right?

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 19.12.2006 20:28

Most of "heavy" operations are threaded in Helicon Filter. According to my measuments 2 processor system works by around 40-45% faster.

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Unread postby Ariel » 27.12.2006 01:32

I think a lot of the newer computer have two processors.

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