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Thank you Helicon Nerds!

Posted: 27.03.2014 23:27
by Spocks_Sister_14
Yesterday, I spent several miserable hours swearing at my computer because I was trying (yet again) to stack images in Photoshop elements 10 - an evil piece of software designed to destroy the souls of amateur microscopists and photographers. I spent three hours persuading it to open my image files and several more persuading it to stack images without any noticeable effects on the images.

In the end I had to give up because I had to keep my marriage from falling apart, I decided to download Helicon focus instead.

I imported my images, I told it to render them and guess what? It did it and it produced an image that looked like a stacked image and not a disappointing mess.
It took me five minutes and I didn't swear once.

Do the dance of joy!

I shall be buying the license on payday, until then thank you for writing proper software which does not require me to have a PhD in software engineering. :D

Re: Thank you Helicon Nerds!

Posted: 31.03.2014 11:49
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks! You definitely have writing talent, it was a pleasure to read your colourful text :) I hope you will not use your weapon against us! :)