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Helicon "in the field"

Posted: 15.11.2013 20:31
by marobs
For use of Helicon "in the field" I 'd like to use a mini laptop I have. Problem is that this laptop uses a single core processor (32 bits, with Win7 Ultimate). This slows down the program considerably of course, but I don't mind that. Problem is, that I've heard that in this situation you can't use the program to its full capacity; that is: you can't use the maximum resolution for the photo's; in my case about 22 Mb. Why? I don't know. For me this last factor would be unacceptable. Question: Is this true? Does anyone has any experience with this???......

Re: Helicon "in the field"

Posted: 19.11.2013 12:29
by Stas Yatsenko
No, this is not true. The processor affects speed but not the resolution of the images. I will have no problems merging even 100 Mpixel images.