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how to save one original image?

Posted: 25.10.2013 16:35
by miro

Can anyone tell me how is in to Helicon Focus 5, the images from EOS 5D Mark 2,
save in 5612x3744px size.

Each image is permanently stored only in 2448x1632px
Whether I save in 24bpp TIFF, or TIFF LZW, and TIFF
can i set the picture output size?

Thanks in advance

Re: how to save one original image?

Posted: 30.10.2013 11:43
by Stas Yatsenko
Most probably your trial period is over and the program saves resulting images downsized to 4Mpixels. You can check the registration status in Helicon Focus menu/About box. We also recommend you to check out newer 6.x version.