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Colors question!

Posted: 19.07.2013 21:14
by Lacerda
Hi Friends,

I am using this fantastic software on my work, I shoot Orchids for a company that produces it,
and I have found it very useful specially when the flowers are very small and fall on the macro category, I do the work indoor (studio) perfect light conditions. the details of the images made with helicon are amazing, the only point for me that I am not completely happy is with the colors.
The final processed images are washed out, I am loosing the vibrancy too much, (I can correct it in adobe camera raw or in photoshop) but I would be even more happy if I could do it on the fly in helicon focus. I am working with prophoto color space, I do have tried adobe and sRGB, but I can’t see any difference, colors don’t change. Is that normal? I just have started using Helicon for a couple of days. If someone would kind to point me to the right direction it will be high appreciated.

thank you in advance,
Kind Regards..

Re: Colors question!

Posted: 22.07.2013 10:49
by Stas Yatsenko
Helicon Focus does not change colors or color space during stacking. More exactly, only method C may increase contrast a bit.

I think the problem is that Helicon Focus uses different RAW engine to develop RAW files and they come low contrast. I would recommend to try different RAW settings in Helicon Focus (enable/disable WIC, make sure last WIC driver is installed, try DCRAW engine, etc - this applies to version 5). If you still not able to get proper colors with Helicon Focus, then convert RAW files with your favorite RAW engine (LR, ACR) and then process tiffs.

Re: Colors question!

Posted: 08.08.2013 10:31
by Lacerda
First of all thank you for answering my question.
I have tried all the method of raw coveters, (DCRAW, Embedded Raw converter, etc.)
But the problem with desaturation remains,
The solution was first converting the raw files on adobe camera raw to tiff and then run the stacking, using this method the colors are exactly the same.
Once again thank you.