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Save button

Unread postby ptrworth » 20.07.2012 22:16

OK. I know that the green 'save' button saves the adjusted image and transfers the original to the 'original' folder. But, should I select another image without first clicking that green button, I automatically get the 'save as' dialogue box. If I want to cancel the 'save as' and return to the 'quick save' I cannot seem to be able to do this without losing the adjustments. I am then compelled to use the 'save as' parameters after which I have to manually transfer the original to the 'originals'.

I understand that the 'save as' is necessarily different to the 'quick save', but, if I am right, it would be helpful to be able to exit from the 'save as' without losing the adjustments.

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Re: Save button

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 23.07.2012 21:31

Yes, we know about this bug. Next version will have both Save and Save as in the dialog.

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