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Slider Explanation

Unread postby rimglow » 10.05.2012 16:27

Is there manual to explain what the sliders do? What does the Radius slider do? What does the Smoothing slider do? What is the difference in the Render Method choices?

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Re: Slider Explanation

Unread postby jpmccormac » 12.05.2012 04:12

This is from the Help panel, which you can open below the image panel to see an explanation of each tool:
Smoothing is part of the Retouching panel. "The Smoothing slider defines the degree of automatic smoothing applied to the selection's edges and heterogeneous areas."
Radius is part of the Artistic Blur sub-menu under Other. "The Radius slider allows you to make an image more or less blurred. The larger the value the greater the blurring."

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