maybe its a stupid question

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maybe its a stupid question

Unread postby Sterling » 30.12.2011 00:59

When doing either macrophotography , you can can either manually re-focus to a certain plane or move the camera (let's say with Stackshot) to bring another plane into focus .... which is better and why?

When doing hyperfocal landscape photography, moving the camera is problematic. Do you simply refocus for difference planes? How many? Any guidelines?

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Re: maybe its a stupid question

Unread postby dhoward » 07.02.2012 02:00

Personally, I am more used to moving the camera and enter the shot with another focus than focusing it on a new plane right on the fly. It really depends on which method you are more used to. But the trade off is always losing a good view when moving the camera.

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