Windows XP versus Helicon Focus 5.1.29

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Windows XP versus Helicon Focus 5.1.29

Unread postby DickD » 09.05.2011 20:51

I have the intension to buy Helicon Focus 5.1.29. So I downloaded the trailversion. I have 4 computers: one Mac, a laptop and two desktop-computers. De Mac has 10.5, one desktop Windows 7; the laptop and the other desktop Windows XP.

On the Mac and the desktop with Windows 7 the installation from Helicon Focus/Remote works correct; on the laptop and the other desktop with Windows XP the software didn't install himself; the system gives on Helicon Remote a message that the software wasn't install properly and says to try it again. I tried it several times; without any luck.
Even after formatting the harddisk and re-installing Windows XP Helicon Remote doesn't work.

I tried older versions of Helicon Focus / Helicon Remote; they worked correct.

I use as camera de Nikon D300.

What can I do?

With kinds regards.
Dick van Dieten Holland

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Re: Windows XP versus Helicon Focus 5.1.29

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 11.05.2011 11:26

You can use older version of Helicon Remote on those two computers so far. We are preparing new version of Helicon Focus and Helicon Remote and will do our best to fix this bug. We might contact you again if we are not able to reproduce this bug with XP.

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