Is Reputable for Purchases?

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Is Reputable for Purchases?

Unread postby jpmccormac » 16.01.2011 00:36

I've never heard of the online merchant that Helicon Soft uses for purchases. Has anyone used it for a credit card purchase of Helicon products?


Re: Is Reputable for Purchases?

Unread postby Guest » 17.01.2011 01:44

I've used it for Helicon as well as other websites and never had a problem.


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Re: Is Reputable for Purchases?

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 17.01.2011 10:32

SWREG is one of the oldest online stores, it is on the market from 1987. It was aquired by Digital River the last year, which owns RegNow, ShareIt and some other stores.

Have a look at

Most of purchase are made with credit cards, no reasons to worry about it.

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