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Helicon Filtre and Linux

Unread postby tuvalu » 01.05.2009 20:52

I'm switching from Windows XP to Linux (Ubuntu 9.04 - Jaunty Jackalope).

Since I do all my postprocessing with helicon filtre I tried to install this too.

Until now it seems to work quite well! I installed it with wine, no problem there. The registration had to be done manually, but seems to work well now too.

So far only the window for the wizard will not close. I don't use it, so I always have to push it away. I'll see, if I can live with that.

Just thought I'd let you know. If I run across further problems. I'll keep you posted...


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 07.05.2009 13:56

Thanks for the update.

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Unread postby sendhil76 » 02.07.2009 11:26

I will add to the original post by 'tuvalu':

Works fine under Ubuntu 8.04 with Wine 1.0 stable as well as the latest Wine 1.1.24 development.

Am quite surprised at the speed of the program in showing me previews of my Sigma SD14 camera RAW images...Sigma Photo Pro 2.5 takes quite some time in comparison to show me the previews.

My initial observations:

The program gives me an error in opening the RAW image with dcraw and asks if i should switch to internal converter? (I am using Helicon under Wine...so do i need to put the dcraw.exe file somewhere in the folder structure of Wine?)

As mentioned in the original post, the Wizard box does not close and is persistent on the screen??

Also, the program crashed when i was working with Aberrations...unfortunately i did not document it properly for me to replicate the incident and report to you. (When it happens again, i will post it to the bugs section.)

Overall i am very pleased with the software as its very fast and responsive...the interface, workflow and the documentation will benefit from some work!

Thanks to Helicon for this software!

Stay well.

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Unread postby tuvalu » 17.07.2009 14:45

I still use this combination and am quite content with that.

With Windows XP I had regular crashes (1- to 3 times a day, due to Windows, independent of the programs I actually used). These crashes are gone now on the same hardware, but with Ubuntu. So now I feel confident with leaving Helicon Filter open and taking my time or continueing my work later. That's a big plus to me.

So Helicon runs quite well. I'll list the problems I've run into though...

As already mentioned, the wizard window stays open and is persistant. With Compiz I can make it almost transparent though. Once I started Helicon Filter I push the window way down to the bottom and out of the screen. That way it's no annoyance at all. it will only pop back on the screen when I use the "change color range" feature.

The queue doesn't work, so it is not possible to batch process, since I don't need that it's fine with me, but others may really miss that one. Also the queue is the only way to get rid of the automativ "_hf" extension. Since that doesn't work, I always have to delete the "_hf" manually when saving my work. :(

When retouching there is some sort of overlay problem, so the mouse cursor is invisible. So though retouching is possible it's a bit hard to guess where and how big the cursor actually is. you can only see the effects, so it's a lot of undo and blindflight... ;)

I use multiple desktops in ubuntu. Somehow Helicon Filtre redraws the Toolbar quite a lot especially when saving or loading a picture, and on startup. When changing the desktop during this redraw times, Helicon will change to the current desktop. Together with the persistant wizard window one sometimes ends up with quite funny and strange situations, where it can become quite challenging to change to the actual Helicon Filte window. So during startup of Helicon and while saving or loading I avoid changing the desktop.

Before entering the preferences an internal error occurs. I simply klick "Cancel", and the preferences can be set and will be saved, so I don't mind... ;)

Some or all of these issues may be wine issues, or may be solvable with other wine settings. Since I can live with these issues, I don't feel the urge to actually do so... :)

Dcraw doesn't work with me either, I'm happy using the Adobe Converter though...

I want to add here, that Helicon Filter helps me a lot with my style of postprocessing my work, so I'm really glad I can use it with linux too. Otherwise I would have stuck with Windows!
So many thanks to Dan and Heliconsoft for providing this beautiful piece of software!



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Unread postby tuvalu » 24.08.2009 01:49

Using winetricks, I installed mdac2.8 and jet4.0 (I needed that for another program. Now I can add pictures to the queue and was able to delete the "_hf" suffix. Batch processing will propably work now too.
I'm not sure whether it was really either mdac or jet or both or none. ;)

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Unread postby lutz » 09.10.2009 01:55

Arne, very nice and dramatic pictures on your website btw..
Thanks for the inspiration.

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