Plugin only works in the 30-days trial period

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Plugin only works in the 30-days trial period

Unread postby guest » 18.12.2008 10:50

Hi all,

I encountered the following: when installing HF4.9x on a new laptop for the first time, I could see and use the SmartCurve plugin. After 30 days, the HF turned into the Free version, and from that point in time, the plugin didn't appear anymore in the drop-down menu, let alone use it...

Tips or suggestions?


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Unread postby lutz » 23.12.2008 02:29

Hello Bart,

the plugins are not a feature of the free version. Neither the Helicon plugin for photoshop, nor other photoshop plugins plugged into HF.

But the lifetime license is such a bargain anyhow :D

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