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Version explaination

Unread postby jjocsak » 01.12.2008 13:51

I'm a little confused on the versions that are available.

Free - I understand

Home - No plugin support and no multiprocessor support

Pro (MP) - PS Plugin support and MP support

Lite - ???

Unlimited license - Free upgrades for the life of the product

1 year license - Does this mean that any version will go back to the free version, or, you do you only get 1 year worth of upgrades free?

Can you purchase the Pro version without Photosafe?

Please let me know if I am explaining them correctly.

Please explain the ones highlighted in BOLD.


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 10.12.2008 13:01


Please do not mix Helicon Filter and Helicon Focus products. Please read diffrences between Lite and Pro versions of Helicon Focus here:

One year license - yes, this subscription license, the program will switch to demo after one year.

Photo Safe cannot be excluded from the bundle.

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