saved edits - how does this work?

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saved edits - how does this work?

Unread postby BillZM » 17.05.2008 15:04

HF saves the edits peformed previously for a given file. Pls help me understand this... They are saved based on original file name??? Location of file not considered? (file could be in a different folder next time opened?) I sometimes edit a file and save several versions. Are settings saved only for the last attempt at editing. Is there a way to save settings for several attempts? (I know I could trick the software by cloning the original before editing, and thus have edits associated with multiple originals, but wonder if that's necessary).

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Unread postby lutz » 19.05.2008 22:47

Hello Bill,

the instructions for the image processing steps are stored in "*.hfs files" in a folder that you can choose under > Settings > Preferences > Cache .
Looks like these hfs files incorporate a unique "serial" number as well as the file name of the image.

The logic of the system is not perfectly clear to me. The losless nature of these instructions seems to be inviting for usage in a Lightroom type system.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 20.05.2008 16:03

We store settings for the original file in Cache folder based on file name and date/size as I remember.

We also save settings for each processed and saved file. So you can open processed image, use "Menu/Reprocess original" command to modify settings.

In the version 5 we will store settings based on checksum of the images, not its name. So you will not lose settings after move/rename operations.

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Unread postby BillZM » 21.05.2008 16:03

Glad I asked that question. Didn't know about Menu/Reprocess capability. Will have to try that. Sounds interesting.

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