method, submethod and operation HELP!

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method, submethod and operation HELP!

Unread postby samba_axe » 22.01.2008 08:44

Hello all,
I am new to HF and I am lost. Maybe I am blind but I have not yet found any way to actually change the method or submethod even though it is stated that i should be able to do so in the help file. the help file clearly states the ability to adjust the way i stack images for different purposes but in the help file it is none more than a basic reference to these abilities with no direction as to where they reside nor how to use them.
Please advise,
Thank you for the help.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 28.01.2008 13:52


We included wrong section into help, sorry!
Please download newer version from our site!

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