Vista tweak for more memory

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Vista tweak for more memory

Unread postby redwoodtwig » 08.12.2007 05:23

Is there any way for me to tell if HF is seeing the extra memory i made available to PS?

I bought a new machine with 8GB of memory and discovered that Vista doesn't even see half of it until you twiddle with it. Looks like the remaining 4GB is out of reach, though.

Vista 32bit home basic will show 2.5GB or so to photoshop if you do the following: type cmd in the search window, hit CTL-Shift-enter to put you in admin mode. In the command window, type BCDEdit /set increaseuserva 3072 then hit enter. After a reboot, photoshop will now show 2.5 something rather than the 1.7 it was showing before.

This is the Vista equivalent of the /3GB switch in XP ... rokes.aspx

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