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Unread postby leroys » 07.12.2007 04:05

Boy am I glad I only dropped 20 bucks on Heliconfilter, Deleted version 4.66 before reuploading latest version now the key generating feature wont work,

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Unread postby lutz » 07.12.2007 04:26

Hi Leroys,
Whatever problems you have, it sounds not like something a simple email to the Helicon support couldn't fix.


Unread postby Guest » 07.12.2007 04:59

Thanks lutz, Will wait for response, This time with much needed patience

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Unread postby Ariel » 10.12.2007 02:27

Okay, for one thing, you do not need to remove an old version before updating. For another, you can still use the full version of Helicon Filter for one month. And another, if it thinks you aren't registered, you only need to put in your six digit customer code you got when you bought it. Just make sure your internet security software or firewall is set to allow this program to connect to the internet. (If you did this with version 4.66 the firewall might not know to allow version 4.81 as well, and this may be the whole problem.) Finally, Dan Kozub is always very good about fixing any issues about this. And you know, if for some unusual reason nothing works, I'm sure you would get a refund. Hardly wasted money...

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