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license issues

Unread postby edkneler » 12.11.2007 19:15

I like Helicon Focus and would like to buy it but I am concerned about licensing issues. When I bought photoshop, it did not have an expiration date. I believe for a program that does one thing (even though very well), 250 dls is a little expensive. But if you go out of business (more likely than Adobe going out of business) the program might not work again because as I understand it, it relies in checking with your server to verify the license. I understand your need for people not passing along programs, etc. But because of those kind of people, the rest of us that buy and pay for their programs have to deal with this uncertainty. I would suggest that there are people that would want to own a program without being concerned that ater paying 250 dls it will quit if you decided to move on. Thanks for your response

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 16.11.2007 17:03

I understand your concerns. Unfortunately, there is no way to reliably protect the program againt piracy without online activation. As you see, all latest program from MS, Adobe and so on should be activated on each computer.

Right now you need to reactivate Helicon Focus only after hardware updates. If we decide to leave this business we will issue "permament" keys that will not depend on hardware.


more thatn one computer

Unread postby visitor » 14.03.2008 06:18

Can I install the software on home and work computer or do I need to but two licenses?


Re: more thatn one computer

Unread postby 2k » 20.03.2008 06:56

visitor wrote:Can I install the software on home and work computer or do I need to but two licenses?

From the Helicon purchase website:
*Registered copy of Helicon Filter or Helicon Focus can be installed on up to 4 computers, as long as only one copy is used at the same time.

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