Running Helicon Filter on Mac

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Running Helicon Filter on Mac

Unread postby Ariel » 25.10.2007 21:42

I just tried two methods of running Helicon Filter on Mac OS X (intel core duo).

The first one is in Parallels (2.5) and Windows XP. It works fine, but if I have this program, as opposed to other programs, open in Coherence mode, parts of the window are invisible until I hide and then re-show the program. Since I noticed this in Helicon Filter and no other windows programs, perhaps it is something you can look at.

The second way, without even using Windows, is with DarWine. I can install it, but when I try to open it, it goes to the splash screen and then I get an error which says, "Exception EAccessViolation in module in HeliconFilter.exe at 00049C0. Access violation at address 004049C0 in module 'HeliconFilter.exe'. Read of address 6B636F4F." and the program quits. Now, many programs don't work under Wine, and HeliconFilter under Wine in Linux does indeed run, but still, maybe it's something you can take a look at. (I actually did this with helicon filter version 4.70, but the problem is also with helicon focus 4.20, so I doubt it would work properly at version 4.80, but I'll let you know if it does.)

Edit: In helicon filter 4.80, it is the same, but the numbers are different: Exception EAccessViolation in module in HeliconFilter.exe at 0004A20. Access violation at address 00404A20 in module 'HeliconFilter.exe'. Read of address 6B636F4F.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 31.10.2007 15:42


Thanks for the info. It would be interesting to make it run under Mac.

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Unread postby jsantos » 10.01.2008 03:05

It is also not possible to run Helicon Focus with CrossOver-6.2.1.

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