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by mgordeeva250
13.10.2016 18:36
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Topic: Can we have more brightness control points?
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Re: Can we have more brightness control points?

Hi, I wanted to know if in the end this feature was implemented in the program or not? Thanks!
by mgordeeva250
12.10.2016 19:20
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Topic: Orchids
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Re: Orchids

Hi, I actually have the same flower and I have been taking picture of it for years, I supose :D Now used your parameters and it turned out one of the best pictures I've ever made! Thank you!
by mgordeeva250
28.09.2016 18:44
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Topic: Orange marble spider
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Re: Orange marble spider

Even though I don't particularly like spiders, this one looks fantastic, especially when you think of the process of the model's creation.

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