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by gnnyman
05.10.2017 12:19
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: Helicon Remote - Sony 7RII
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Helicon Remote - Sony 7RII

I know, that question had been raised many times before, but I want to bring it up again - why Sony 7RII? 1. The Sony 7RII has got a small body which is therefore easy to move around 2. Sony uses Zeiss lenses - also for macro (90mm) - they are excellent in performance 3. Sony 7RII uses a vibrationfr...
by gnnyman
29.03.2016 13:01
Forum: Helicon Focus: Support
Topic: Saturation of stacked images different from original
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Saturation of stacked images different from original

Hello everyone, When stacking macroshots of CoCaC03 (Cobaltocalcite), I oberserve that the stacked image (60-70 single shots) is less saturated than the original ones are. That means, when I want to repair some areas with parts of one of the original images, the saturation is quite different - not t...