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by Medwar
13.08.2015 14:14
Forum: Helicon Focus: Micro
Topic: Few newbie questions
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Few newbie questions

1) Is there a possibility to edit depth map manually and than use it for image construction? I found how to export depth map to jpg, but didn't find a way to import it back to the project. 2) Is there a way to make a "synthetic" stereopair like implemented in Zerene Stacker? I find that a ...
by Medwar
13.08.2015 12:08
Forum: Helicon Filter: Suggestions and improvements
Topic: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5
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Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

I miss "synthetic" stereopair creation from a single stack, like in Zerene Stacker. It is a really useful feature for me, not a toy. I make photos of inclusions in minerals, and the stereo view helps much in recognising the shape of inclusions. Stacks often contain 100+ frames, so a synthe...

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